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Are you looking for further information on managing your property, buying or selling a home?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Our resource library includes eBooks and checklists on topics all things real estate related. From questions to ask your property manager, to how to ready your home for the sale to the best places to invest in Hamilton, you’ll find all the information you’re looking for and more right here.

Buying And Selling


Selling a home 101 [online guide]

The fundamentals to a successful home sale.

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Home renovations 101 [online guide]

Home renovations 101 [online guide]

Everything you need to know to plan a successful home renovation.

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Top 20 FAQs on building a new home [online guide]

We answer 20 of the most common questions homeowners ask about the building new.

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10 homebuilding mistakes to avoid

Make sure you’re new home doesn’t run into trouble with our free guide to help you manage your new build.

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How to evaluate the Hamilton property market [online guide]

This free online guide is designed to provide you a starting point for your Hamilton property market research.

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The insider's guide to evaluating the market

Learn how to find and evaluate detailed, suburb-specific information and data to make smarter property decisions.

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The home seller's calculator

Get the numbers on the cost of a home sale.

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The home renovations calculator

Cost estimate your next home renovation.

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The three elements of low maintenance, high profit property

Professional advice to make your property cleaner and greener.

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Selling in a transitioning market

A guide to navigating a home sale in a buyer's market.

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Five steps to generate a higher home sale

Home selling advice backed by research and years of real estate experience.

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The Waikato home seller's guide

Make sure your property gets the price it deserves come sale time!

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Trade secrets: the best-kept home renovation guide

Avoid wasting time and money on renovations that don't add value

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Buyer's guide to settlement

Everything you need to consider from the day you purchase your home until it settles. 

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Auctioning your property

Everything you need to know about the auction process

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Buying at auction

New to auctions? Here's what you need to know.

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Property Management


Rental property management guide [online]

Learn what your legal responsibilities as a landlord are.

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Healthy Homes Standards Guide [online]

The essential needs-to-knows about the new Healthy Homes Standards.

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Buying an investment property in Hamilton

Learn the basics of buying investment property in Hamilton.

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Property Maintenance Schedule [checklist]

Address issues before they become major problems with this checklist.

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Six strategies for building a profitable investment portfolio

A guide to manage and grow your investment properties.

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The landlord's handbook

Protect your property investment with the help of The landlord's handbook

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Weighing up property management [infographic]

A free infographic to help you decide whether a property manager is right for you.

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Investing in Hamilton

A guide for people looking to invest in property in Hamilton.

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Property manager or not?

What to consider when choosing your property manager.

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Receive rent on time

Want to know what to do when your tenants don't pay their rent?

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Choosing a property manager checklist

What to consider when choosing your property manager

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A career with Lodge

Embark on a career with Lodge

Work with us and be your own boss.

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